Cravings are the worst. You could have a great healthy week and then a craving strikes and you find yourself munching through a bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate. Spring is coming up so we wanted to give you some tips to help curb those cravings so you feel as fresh as the new season.



  1. Are you hungry?

Often cravings tend to intensify when you’re feeling hungry. Instead of reaching for an apple, you’ll go straight for the cake because it’s harder to control yourself in this state. The best thing to do to avoid this is to not get hungry.

It’s best to eat every 2-3 hours, whether it’s a small snack or a meal, just have something prepared so that you constantly feel comfortable. If its not possible to eat this regularly then just prepare your snacks and meals in advance so that you’re more likely to eat something healthy.┬áHaving a healthy snack like Crobar ready at hand is a great idea, as it is full of natural cricket flour protein, which will give you an instant boost of energy and keep you fuller for longer.


  1. What are you craving?


Sometimes your body is trying to tell you something through what you’re craving. For example, if you’re always reaching for sweet stuff, it’s best to start including more complex carbs and fruits in your diet to make sure you’re keeping your blood sugar at a steady state.

The same goes for any other cravings you’re having, figure out what it is about the food that could be beneficial to you and then opt for a healthier option.


  1. Cut It out!

Your brain remembers foods that bring you pleasure, mostly fatty high sugar foods because they tend to give you an instant hit of pleasure.

The best thing to do is to try and cut out the foods you crave as much as possible because eventually your brain will forget about that food and start to crave more of the healthy stuff you feed your body.


  1. Chill out!

Cravings usually occur when you’re stressed or feeling anxious. Your body’s response to these negative feelings is to set off a craving for something it knows will help you feel better.

Try to find other outlets for your stress such as exercise or a funny movie to release some endorphins. You’ll be less likely to reach for the junk when you’re feeling relaxed and positive.


  1. Treat yourself!

Sometimes it’s best just to let yourself have a little treat. If you’re worried a piece of chocolate will lead to a full on binge, then try an alternative like the Cacao & Cricket Flour Crobar. It’s not quite chocolate but it’s certainly a sweet treat to keep you satisfied, AND it wont spike your blood sugar levels like chocolate does.


What is your favourite tip to curb you cravings?