At Gathr Foods, we want people to know and understand the importance of eating bugs!

When we first started Gathr Foods, many doubted our product. They did not believe in it. They even told us to hide the fact that our product include bugs but it didn’t stop us in talking about it and the nutritional benefits of crickets. We started Gathr Foods because we wanted people to know that bugs are delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. We know that eating bugs may sound out of this world but just wait until you try our product. We can assure you that you will like it.

Gathr Foods launched its first Energy Bar in 2015. We created it for everyone, whether you are a health enthusiast or not, this Energy Bar is just right for you. In fact, we are creating our next line of cricket-infused food to introduce to everyone. We are hoping for its success as soon as we launch it. This next product was created and suggested by one of our customers.

Our proudly-made cricket flour product will soon be released. It is oozing with nutrients and flavors. At Gathr Foods, we always follow strict quality control procedures. We are ready for all potential hindrances of producing our product. We assure everyone that Gathr Foods is working hard to make our products more nutritious, tasty, and convenient for you. This is so you can fully appreciate our brand.

What to know about bugs like crickets? They can be raised in cities, unlike most farm animals. That way, there is no need for land and space and we are able to reduce the distance from farm to table. Plus, crickets can be fed excess produce which would normally be thrown out. This would help us reduce some of the million tons of food waste that we throw out each year.

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