Why is eating insects disgusting; how to change peoples attitudes

What is disgust? It has been defined as “Revulsion at the prospect of (oral) incorporation of an offensive object”. Why do people find the idea of eating insects disgusting, and how can we overcome this? I will be discussing some evolutionary and societal theories of why disgust evolved, and explain why many people feel disgust towards insects. Helping people overcome their fear of eating insects is vital when trying to introduce insects in food for people in the Western world, where insects have traditionally not been consumed. Many researchers, including Haidt et al., 1997, have shown that people feel disgust mainly to animals, including people, animal waste products, items that show resemblance to any of those, and lastly, anything that has come into contact with the former. Other elicitors of [...]

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Fun facts about insects

Here are some fun facts about insects, enjoy! • Two billion people consume insects daily, living mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin America • It is rumoured that crickets can tell the outside temperature: Count the number of chirps they make in one minute, divide by 4, and then add the number 40 to reach it • There are about 1,900 known species of edible insects available • Insects are among the most diverse group of animals in the world, with over 1 million known species living. That amounts to over half of all known animals. As far as estimations go, there are 6 to 10 million species of insects on the planet, most of which have not been discovered yet. • It is estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects [...]

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10 Amazing Reasons To Eat Insects

1. Nutrition & Health One of the most convincing reasons to eat insects, is from a health point of view. Insects generally are very high in protein, beneficial fats, vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids. Vitamin B12 for example is not available from plant sources, and many vegetarians and vegans are deficient in this. Insects are a great source of Vitamin B12. Nuts and pulses, though very healthy in other nutrients, lack this essential vitamin. The combination of un- saturated omega- 3 and omega- 6 fatty acids is also high and comparable to that found in fish, which is higher than in pork and cattle. As most insects are eaten whole, unlike conventional meat, the entire exoskeleton, muscle tissues and vital organs are consumed. This is part of the reason for [...]

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