Would you try food made out of insects? If you’re thinking ‘no’, spending time with Christine Spliid will most likely change your mind. Forever seeking new challenges, the Danish entrepreneur founded Gathr Foods in 2O15 and was the first company to bring cricket based food products to the UK. Under the brand Crobar, she launched [...]

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Edible Insects: The Alternative Protein People Are Buzzing About

Are there ways for you to get more from your mealtime, without making a bigger impact on the environment? The answer is yes, but it involves an alternative protein that you may have never considered: edible insects. Plenty of people across the globe eat insects. Crickets, for example, take much less food and water to [...]

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Thought-Provoking Facts on the Future of Food

We are a growing population. Food security is an issue stretching beyond the borders of developing countries; it is now a global cause for concern. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization: “The challenge is to provide the world’s growing population with a sustainable, secure supply of safe, nutritious, and affordable high-quality food [...]

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7 things you didn’t know about cricket flour

1. Humans have been eating insects for thousands of years Despite the fact that the vast majority of our world eats bugs, the notion of eating insects in Western societies remains largely taboo. Entomophagy, or the human consumption of insects as food, is not a new phenomenon. Humans have been eating bugs since prehistoric times. [...]

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GATHR: Marketing an Unlikely New Six-Legged Protein

  It states, “It is widely accepted that by 2050 the world will host 9 billion people. To accommodate this number, current food production will need to almost double… To meet the food and nutrition challenges of today – there are nearly 1 billion chronically hungry people worldwide – and tomorrow, what we eat and [...]

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How to Achieve your New Years Resolutions – By Scola Dondo

It's coming up to that time of year again! When everyone starts tweeting and posting statuses with the infamous proclamation "New Year, New me" and whilst we can poke fun at this, most of us do feel a sense of improving ourselves as the new year sets in. Many people never achieve their New Years [...]

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Dairy Free Protein Bars by Crobar

Dairy- Free Protein Bars Can you stomach crickets? For those of us who have tummy troubles with traditional protein bars, there’s a solution: Dairy Free Protein Bars! Calling all those who are all too aware of their dodgy tummies (and even those of us who aren’t), there’s a new kid in (protein bar) town, and [...]

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Edible Insects- 3 steps on how to get started

Edible Insects- 3 steps on how to get started incorporating insects into your diet It is not uncommon for people to feel uneasy, perhaps even slightly disgusted, by the thought of edible insects. Here is a blog post explaining some of the reasons why people in the western world often feel anxious about edible insects [...]

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Crickets Vs. Cattle – by Alice Courtauld

Crickets vs. Cattle We have all heard of gluten free foods, particularly appealing to those of us with an intolerance but also now these products are attracting a lot of people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Introducing CROBAR: a new concept. Founded by health enthusiast Christine Spliid, CROBAR the all-natural protein bar made [...]

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