Review: Crobar – by Noms by Naomi I was really interested to try Crobar by Gathr Foods, because they contain an ingredient I’d never tried before and is pretty alien to the food that we eat in the UK… it’s a particularly sustainable and ethical source of protein which the company calls “the tasty, nutritious and sustainable protein source of the [...]

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In case you haven’t noticed, there has been an increasing number of insects appearing on the shelves of health food stores recently – I’m not talking about the kind you want to squash, I’m talking about the kind you want to eat. I have been curious about the idea of eating insects for a long [...]

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CROBAR - energy bars with a twist. One of the most unexpected, but defiantly fun, things about recipe creating and posting images of our delicious food on our web and social media sites is that we regularly get contacted by companies asking us to try their latest product. Which we can’t resist doing! But when [...]

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We’ve all heard of cricket flour before right? When I received the email regarding trying out some Crobar* energy bars I was sceptical. It’s not something that I’d heard of before and to be quite frank it sounded a bit odd. Having said that, once I’d looked into it more I decided to give it [...]

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Gathr’s Crobar – by A Blackbird’s Epiphany

   There are many different raw fruit bars on the market these days, and while they're all delicious, they don't really offer anything new from one another, except perhaps the range of flavours. And while protein has been getting its foot in the door on these fruit bars, they're pretty much all provided through soya [...]

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Brand New Crobars – by Rosie Burr

Once again I was sent gathr foods Crobars ! for those of you who haven’t yet had/heard of Crobars, they are a snack/energy bar containing crickets… thats right cricket being the insect !! When the new flavoured bars arrived I was excited to see how they would compare to the other flavours I had previously [...]

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Edible insects. Is this our future? I’ve been trying cricket flour in a health bar – by Suzi Grant from Alternative Ageing

I have never been squeamish about trying unusual foods.  I was eating snails in garlic butter (l'escargots) in France at the age of 4, strange child!  But when I came across a brand new protein, health bar, that was not only wheat-free, dairy-free, but made from cricket flour, I got really excited about it. What could be [...]

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  Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour* | Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour* £7.99 for 4 Okay so you may remember a while back that I did a post on Crobar which is basically a healthy snack made with cricket flour and I know that's something a bit strange and hard to get your head around [...]

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EATS || CROBAR – by Kate- Louise

  I have recently discovered the delight that is the CROBAR. Think,your typical energy bar but made from cricket flour."CRICKETS" I hear you say...don't worry,there is no sign of little legs hanging out of these tasty bars. In fact you won't even notice any sign of critters in these delicious treats,they are made up of [...]

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Crobar review – Christina’s Ramblings

Hello, Before I start I just want to say I was sent these products by the company in exchange for my honest opinions of their products, my opinion has no way been influenced and is therefore 100% honest. So the wonderful people at gathrfoods were kind enough to let me try two of their unusual protein [...]

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Jetzt frisst er auch noch Insekten – Crobar von Gathrfoods unter der Lupe

Wer meinen vorletzten Eintrag gelesen hat weiß, dass der Postbote vor kurzem ein spannendes Paket von lieferte. Mitten drin ein für mich besonders spannendes Produkt: „Protein-Riegel“ bei denen das enthaltene Protein aus Grillen (engl. Cricket) gewonnen wurde. Kein Grund angewidert das Tab oder gar den Browser zu schließen! Insektenprotein könnte DAS Protein der Zukunft [...]

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Crobar Energy Bars – by Samantha Betteridge

I am turning into someone who loves trying new health foods. I won't ever be vegan or paleo, and I won't ever stop eating pizza or creme eggs, but for the most part, I love eating 'whole foods' or whatever other label you want to give it.. I recently came across Gathrfoods and saw that [...]

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