Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour* | Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour* £7.99 for 4 Okay so you may remember a while back that I did a post on Crobar which is basically a healthy snack made with cricket flour and I know that's something a bit strange and hard to get your head around [...]

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Every tried a protein bar made of crickets? – by David Cobbald explains at OMQ Magazine

Crobar is the new protein bar from Gathr Foods, with one notable difference in the ingredients list – cricket flour. Dried insects are made of around 60-70% protein and are very low in carbs – and, as you know, there are millions of them all over the planet. Insect protein has already become a $20 million industry in the USA alone. Crickets [...]

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Review: Crobar Protein Bars – By Gin Fuelled Bluestocking

Training for the Great North Run is continuing. I finally hit 16km this weekend, so I’m not doing too badly. It still takes a day or so for my back to settle down again, but that’s a massive improvement on the week or so it was taking back in February and aside from an occasional whinge, [...]

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