CROBAR – energy bars with a twist.

One of the most unexpected, but defiantly fun, things about recipe creating and posting images of our delicious food on our web and social media sites is that we regularly get contacted by companies asking us to try their latest product. Which we can’t resist doing!

But when CROBAR contacted us and asked if we’d try their energy bars made with cricket flour we were a little uncertain- it had to be our most unusual request yet!

Here’s what arrived in the post just in time for 11’s…
Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour CROBAR and Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour CROBAR

So what did we think, well if we were honest we were expecting the pretty packaging to hide a tasteless bar, that we could add to our list of well we tried that new energy bar but we wouldn’t buy it ourselves – but we were wrong!I’m not a coffee drinker so I chose the raspberry, cacao and cricket flour bar and Sarah had the coffee, vanilla and cricket flour bar – the Clean Supper Club husbands then pinched the others.

Our group consensus – is that they were surprisingly tasty, great texture and they are packed with many of our favourite ingredients the cricket flour adds a new dimension, but you can’t tell it is in there. Sarah and I both preferred the raspberry ones, as the coffee was slightly bitter, and we all agreed that if we saw one on the shelf in a shop we’d defiantly have another one.

For all the health benefits to crickets, follow this link…CRICKET POWER

Look out for next weeks review of TIGER NUTS…(that’s not a pun or a joke)