Before I start I just want to say I was sent these products by the company in exchange for my honest opinions of their products, my opinion has no way been influenced and is therefore 100% honest.
So the wonderful people at gathrfoods were kind enough to let me try two of their unusual protein bars. The bars named Crobar are produced in the UK using only the best ingredients with many of them being organic.

‘What makes them unusual compared to any other high protein bar’ I hear you ask.
Well the main ingredient is, what can we say? different? unusual? interesting?

Crobar’s are actually made up using…
Cricket flour.

Yes flour made from crickets.

I can hear you saying ‘surely that can’t be safe’ , ‘we’re not supposed to eat crickets are we?
Well you’re wrong, it’s 100% safe and crickets along with more than 2000 other insects are edible. To us here in the UK it all seems a bit ‘I’m a celebrity’ eating bugs, am I right?
But many insects have a few benefits, crickets are high in protein. The crickets used in these bars are raised in a free range indoor environment, they have access to fresh feed and water at all times. They’re ready to harvest towards the end of their lifecycle (about 6 weeks) they are cooled and then frozen which mimics the natural process of hibernation. They are then roasted and ground to make cricket flour.
Each crowbar contains about 32 crickets!
If you have an allergy to shrimps then it is advised that you don’t eat anything containing insects as it has been known that people allergic to shrimps have also been allergic to insects especially crickets as they are arthropods just like shrimps.
Peanut & cricket flour bar.

The first bar I tried was the peanut and cricket flour bar.
The bar is a gluten free, soy free, dairy free, high fibre, paleo bar with no added sugar.

Peanuts, sultanas, dates, sunflower seeds & cricket flour.

Nutrition (per 40g bar)
KJ- 763, Kcals- 182, Fat- 10g, Saturates- 14g, Carbs- 16.1,  Of which sugar- 13.3g, Protein- 7.6g, fibre- 2.8g, Salt- 0.02g.

The bar looks like any other fruit/nut bar (I forgot pictures, I’m sorry!) It’s brown in colour with pale pieces of peanuts showing through.

Firm yet squishy, held its shape together and didn’t crumble everywhere. It was moist when bitten into which is probably down to the dates.

Smells a lot like dates/sultanas with a hint of peanuts.

The first flavour I got when I took the initial bite was a strong amount of dates. This was then followed by the peanuts which brought the overall flavour of the bar together. There are hints of sultanas but nothing like I imagined (I’m not the biggest fan of them) so that was lovely for me. The overall flavour is dates and peanuts, nothing strange about it.

Overall verdict
As I’m not usually the biggest lover of things containing sultans (but I’m open to trying new things) I was pleasantly surprised by this bar. I think I have found a bar that is better for me than reaching for a chocolate bar and I actually enjoy it for once.

I’d rate this bar a 3/5 stars.

Cacao & cricket flour bar.

The second bar I tried was the Cacao and cricket flour bar.
The same as the other bar this is a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, high fibre, paleo bar with no added sugar.

Cashews, sunflower seeds, sultanas, dates, cranberries, chia seeds, cricket flour, cacao powder, goji berries, cacao nibs, cacao butter, natural flavouring.

Nutrition (per 40g bar)
KJ- 765, Kcal- 183, Fat- 10.5g, saturates- 2.6g, carbs- 18g, of which sugar- 10.3g, protein- 6.2g, fibre- 3g, salt- 0.05g.

Again this bar was a lot like other fruit/nut bars. Darker brown this time with a red tint. Speckled with the pale colour of the cashews, red from the cranberries and orange bits from the goji berries.

Again the same as the peanut bar, a firm yet squishy bar that holds it self together but when bitten into it’s moist, chewy and soft to eat. The nuts add a slight crunch to the bar.

The smell of this one is different to the peanut one. You can definitely smell the cacao in this bar. There is also another smell in this bar which I thought could of been the goji berries (I’ve never smelt them before, so I wouldn’t know) It was an overall sweet smelling bar.

The strongest flavour in this bar is the cacao. The cacao has a bitter yet nice taste, almost chocolate like. The cacao complimented the goji berries nicely as they’re quite sharp and tangy in flavour. In this bar unlike the peanut one you can’t taste the dates as much and once again there isn’t a hint of sultanas.

Overall verdict
I much preferred his bar over the peanut one and I can see this becoming something I would reach for as a sweet treat.

I would rate this bar 4/5 stars.

I enjoyed trying these products as they aren’t something I would typically go for in a shop, especially if I was to see the ingredients first. Having tried them now I know there’s nothing to be afraid of. The bars have inspired me to look at more things containing cricket flour and I’d certainly like to experiment with it in the future.

You can buy crobars and cricket flour from here. (two different flavours available on here)
You can find recipes on how to use cricket flour here.

Be sure to follow Gathrfoods on their social media sites below and let me know if you’d try these products.