Dairy- Free Protein Bars

Can you stomach crickets? For those of us who have tummy troubles with traditional protein bars, there’s a solution: Dairy Free Protein Bars!

Calling all those who are all too aware of their dodgy tummies (and even those of us who aren’t), there’s a new kid in (protein bar) town, and this one’s rather gentle on the old digestion: Dairy- Free Protein Bars by Crobar!

Are you lactose intolerant? Ever had trouble digesting dairy products before? OK, so maybe dairy doesn’t send you running to the loo, but maybe you’ve experienced some bloating after one too many whey protein shake fuelled gym sessions. Or maybe you’ve suffered with the all too embarrassing gassiness after your post-workout protein bar. Or perhaps even (like a growing number of people), you’re suffering with dairy-related acne. Or maybe you’re just not the biggest fan of how whey protein tastes? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one.

The truth is many of us have at least some problems with lactose (that’s the primary sugar in milk, for those of you who don’t know). In fact, recent research has shown that approximately 60% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. ‘OK, so what does all this jargon mean to for me???’ I can almost hear you say. Well, the problem is that even a minuscule amount of lactose can trigger the cascade of all the not too awesome symptoms we just discussed.

Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? As we’re beginning to understand more and more, the reality is it’s more like “you are what you digest”. So, in an attempt to bypass the problem some of us have with whey, we health freaks may be tempted to run right on over to the soy-based protein powders and bars. But we may not be doing ourselves any more of a favour. Many soy proteins are made by dehulling, flaking and defatting soybeans by hexane extraction. Now, I’m not sure about you, but hexane isn’t exactly on my list of superfoods being that its primary uses are in glue for shoes, leather products and roofing (!). Hmmm, tasty (!). This is not a problem with Dairy- Free Cricket Protein Bars.

So, what do we do? Just stare longingly at our fellow gym bunnies with their protein shakes and post-workout protein bars and die a little inside out of sheer envy? Should we just go for those plant based protein powders? Like hemp protein powder, that’s gotta be awesome right? Well, there’s something even better.Dairy- Free Protein Bars made with cricket flour! That’s right. CRICKETS. While even the mere thought of creepy crawlies sends many of us running for the bug spray, a growing number of us are embracing what these weird and wonderful superfood dairy- free protein Bars! can do for us. Unlike traditional protein bars there’s no whey, casein or soy in sight, meaning many of us will be able to munch down on these lovely protein filled bars of goodness without a worry as to the consequences. Crickets also have a better omega 3 to 6 ratio (1:2.2) than hemp (1:3.38). And as you may have read from one of our previous blog posts, when you factor in the environmental aspects of it all, crickets truly are the clear king of the protein sources!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to down these little insects I’m a Celebrity style, you can enjoy the yumminess of two delectable flavours – cacao and peanut butter. Our favourite is the cacao dairy- free protein bar, tastes like a naughty treat but packs a whopping 6.2g of protein per bar! Perfect for that post-workout treat with all the indulgence and none of the guilt.

So, if you love your health, your gut, (and just as importantly, the planet), you’ll give these wonderful gooey nutritious delicious dairy- free cricket protein bars a go. Trust us, your tummy will thank you later (and your taste buds will thank you now!).