Edible Insects- 3 steps on how to get started incorporating insects into your diet

It is not uncommon for people to feel uneasy, perhaps even slightly disgusted, by the thought of edible insects. Here is a blog post explaining some of the reasons why people in the western world often feel anxious about edible insects and how to overcome it.

The benefits of eating insects should, however, outweigh the fear. Edible insects are a great source of protein, they are low in fat, high in fibre, and furthermore they emit 80 x less greenhouse gasses than e.g. cattle. With all these benefits, the question remains: how do you overcome the initial uneasiness and how do you get started with edible insects? Here are some suggestions on how to slowly incorporate edible insects into your diet without needing to worry about suddenly having a cricket leg or a bug wing sticking out between your teeth.Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 15.55.36


  1. Step 1: Ready-made foods

The easiest way to get started with edible insects is by eating ready-made foods like Crobar, where the insects are already incorporated – preferably as flour as this may be easier to eat. While ready-made foods with insect flour is still not that common in the western world, increasingly more edible insects products containing insects can be found in health food and speciality stores. The supply of online retailers that sell snacks and foods containing insect flour is also on the rise. In addition, if you ever plan on going to the Netherlands be sure to check out their supermarkets since it’s not uncommon to find ready-made foods there containing whole insects or insect flour.


We suggest: start off by eating a Crobar. One Crobar contains 6% cricket flour and we made sure we got the proportion right in terms of getting the maximum benefits from the cricket flour and getting a really yummy taste. Try our Cacao or Peanut flavours for yourself. Also available in Planet Organic and Nutricentre.



  1. Step 2: Experiment with insect flour

By experimenting with insect flour yourself, you are able to make your own favourite recipes with an extra boost of sustainable protein. Cricket flour can be added to your own classics or you can get inspired by our recipe suggestions. We have experimented with how much cricket flour is needed to get the perfect nutty cricket flour taste without making it too obvious that they are not just conventional recipes. If you decide to experiment with adding cricket flour to your own recipes but are unsure about how much to add, we suggest you start by adding a little (1 tbsp) and then slowly increase the amount.


We suggest: Check out our recipe section or add cricket flour to any baked recipe.



  1. Step 3: Take the plunge – why not try whole insects?

Eating whole edible insects may seem like the scariest thing in the world to some people, when in reality it should be more widely accepted given the health benefits and sustainability factors. Eating insects is fortunately gaining increasingly more popularity in the West as people gain a better understanding of the benefits and figure out that the taste can be really delicious. Food trends develop and change. It is crazy to think that eating raw fish (sushi) was unthinkable in the west just 30 years ago. At Crobar we believe that it’s just a matter of time before incorporating edible insects into our diets will be considered perfectly normal. It is estimated that there are more than 2000 different species of insects – while not all of them are edible, a good portion of them are. Just imagine how many more combinations of food there will be once this massive new food group is added to our diets. The possibilities for experimenting with different textures and taste-combinations are endless.


We suggest: If you are interested in experimenting cooking with whole edible insects, we advise you have a look in health stores like Planet Organic for brands like Eatgrub. You can also buy whole edible insects online, but make sure you only buy from reputable suppliers. Add whole insects into stir-fry, pies, wraps, etc. or search the internet through the already thousands of existing recipes.

Written by Cæcilie Spliid 17/09/2015