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Gathr Foods

We are health enthusiasts who started our very own brand, Gathr Foods. In 2015, we launched our first product – an energy bar made from crickets. Yes, you’ve heard it right! A cricket.

If you heard crickets chirping in your garage doors in Shelby Township, MI, would it occur to you to grind them into a powder and made them into food?

We think that insects are the most sustainable form of protein we have on Earth. Probably the only real barrier to people eating insects is a cultural prohibition. In the information we have received, other countries already embrace the fact that some insects like crickets are beneficial. And they’ve eaten a lot of them.

In 2012, a report from the Food Organization stated that some insects are nutritional and high in protein. A lot of people are been excited about the news of the potential of edible insects. Insects also can be farmed in the nearest land or even in the city. This is also good for the environment as they emit lesser greenhouse gases than traditional livestock.

Therefore, the idea that we as owners of Gathr Foods implemented was that we bought a blend of powdered crickets for baking. We processed the crickets into edible cricket flour which we used to create homemade energy bars. We had the products tested by nutritionists and experts and obtained approval for it as food additives. Then we started taste testing it within our network of friends, neighbors and office mates. Little did we know that our business would grow this quick.

At 15.4 grams of protein per 100 grams, crickets have about half the protein of chicken and beef.

We target young and health-conscious individuals, who follow a gluten-free diet or the new form of diet called Paleo. We’re going after these early adopters because we know how much they care about the food they’re putting in their body.

Our company has found surprisingly strong following from mothers. We realized that mothers want to get more protein in their kids’ diets, but it can be hard to feed children who are quite choosy about their food. If you can give them food that are appealing, like a cookie and snack bars that’s actually more similar to an energy bar, that’s magic for mothers.

Our first product, the energy bar, comes in 2 different flavors — the Dark Chocolate Bar which is moist and oozing with dark chocolate. This is perfect for chocolate lovers. The other one is Apricot and Chia Bar. This one is filled with nuts, apricot and chia seeds. It is also moist and tastes like Christmas cake. Energy Bars of Gathr Foods come in a box that contains 12 bars. It’s affordable, delicious and nutritious.

Check out the blog section to see more information about our product. You may refer to other parts of this website to know about us. If you want to be a wholesaler, just send us an email.

Please hold on as we launch our next product line that will soon be out in the market. Thank you and we’re looking forward to your next visit here.

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