How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef

High standards in any field can be attainable. Who doesn’t like to have their kitchen look as tidy and attractive, like that of a professional chef? But many think of it as something of a difficult task and doesn’t attempt to raise the standard of their kitchen. Proper organization is the key to success for any big shot restaurant. No matter how much skill or accessories for cooking you have, without organization, you won’t be able to properly run the kitchen. It helps you manage time and takes care of safety issues while cooking. So here are some ways in which you can organize your kitchen like a professional chef.

Sort Out Your Storage System In Kitchen

One must begin organizing their kitchen by sorting out the storage system. Each item– be it utensils, cutting boards– must have their specific place. They must be arranged in accordance with their function. You must be able to walk into the kitchen and have no confusion whatsoever regarding the position of these things. It saves time and makes your kitchen look appealing.

Arrange Your Pantry

After buying pantry items from the shop, most of us consider our job to be done. But arranging pantry items properly in your kitchen is also as important. Here are some steps you should take while arranging pantry items in your kitchen.

  • Throw out items that are past beyond their due date. And also remove things that you haven’t used for a year.
  • Put Spices into plastic containers with name and expiry date. This will help you sort them out easily and will remind you of using spices resourcefully before their expiry date.
  • Move dry goods into tall containers to save space.
  • Install a pegboard on your kitchen wall so that you can hang pans and other culinary utensils, thus saving a lot of space and providing easy access.

Bigger Storage Container For Bulkier Items

Bulkier items in the kitchen should be kept in a bigger container rather than splitting into multiple smaller containers. Just make sure that the container is leakproof and airtight.

Use Squeeze Bottle

All your liquid ingredients in the kitchen like Cooking oil, vinegar, sauce, must be kept in a squeeze bottle. They are easy to use and are safe, and they eliminate the risk of breaking and spilling the content if the bottle slips and falls.

Organize Your Fridge

The Refrigerator is a key component of your kitchen, and it should be organized properly. Things like raw fish, meat must be always kept at the bottom shelf. Thus preventing contamination of other food items. Things that are of immediate use–like ready meals, dairy products, leftover food–must be kept on top and middle shelf.

Keep Frequently Used Utensils Nearby

There are some things that you always use while cooking. Be it a wooden spoon, wire whisk, tongs. Arrange a place nearby the stove– like, say a drawer or a small peg board– to keep these things right within reach of your hands.

Arrange a Proper Waste Disposal System

Waste management is a part often overlooked when it comes to organizing your kitchen. There are several ways to do it. Place a pair of trash cans in a pullout platform. One for biodegradable waste other for non-biodegradable waste. Clear the trashcan weekly without fail. In this way, you can keep your kitchen nice and tidy.


Organizing your kitchen is not a hard job. Ofcourse, you have to put a little time and effort into it, but the good thing is that it will pay off. Not only will your kitchen look extremely professional, but your workload in the kitchen will be balanced significantly.

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