Product Description

Are you worried about the effects from eating crappy and processed foods?

This delicious, roasted cricket flour is packed with 60g protein per 100g, and is high in all essential amino acids, iron and Vitamin B12. It is very versatile and can be used for baking, and also mixed into raw recipes. Try experimenting by replacing about 5% of the flour in a traditional recipe with cricket flour, and it will add a lovely, nutty flavour to the dish. Also look here for some tasty recipes we have developed for you.

Pioneer a revolutionary new protein source that can save the world. Crickets emit 80 times less CO2 than cows, and use 10 times less water. We get our high quality organic cricket flour from Canada, which is the cleanest and best tasting cricket flour in the world. No need to worry about the yuck factor as the crickets have been carefully made into fine flour, under the strictest Western safety standards

Finally an ethical, complete protein, which can be eaten without having to feel guilty about the heartwrenching dairy industry. Cricket flour contains all 9 essential amino acids, which we depend on as our bodies can’t make them from scratch. Cricket flour is completely natural unlike whey, and complete unlike most plant proteins. Moreover, it tastes great, and 70% of the world population is already eating insects

Feel tired and sluggish? Impress your loved ones with your increased strength, energy & stamina, as cricket flour contains twice as much iron as spinach

Want to glow and be beautiful, inside and out? Turn heads with your flawless hair, nails & skin, as cricket flour is high in Vitamin B12