Try these delicious cricket flour recipes, many of them gluten-free, dairy-free, free from added sugar and Paleo friendly. Cricket flour is super versatile, contains 60% protein, and tastes a bit like hazelnuts. I’ve had a lot of fun developing these cricket flour recipes, and I genuinely think the cricket flour adds a warm, delicious flavour to all of them. If you want to be creative, you should start by replacing 10% of the flour mix in a recipe with cricket flour, or 5% of the overall ingredients, and you will notice the subtle difference. For savoury recipes you can add slightly more. It’s such a great way to add more natural, high- quality protein to your diet. Feel free to share your own, creative cricket flour recipes with me!

Cricket Pasta with Mediterranean Vegetables from Bugsolutely

We love the amazing, protein-packed cricket pasta from Bugsolutely. With 20g protein per 100g, it really packs a punch, tastes really delicious and keeps you fuller for much longer than normal pasta. It is really versatile as well, there […]

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Gluten Free Lemon and Ricotta Protein Cake – by Lucy @ Free- From

I accidentally-on-purpose made an amazingly delicious gluten free protein cake this weekend.

On purpose because we had a birthday in the house; accidentally because I’d experimented with altering a recipe—and didn’t realise that my oven thermostat was broken.

It was a lemon […]

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If you’re not already eating insects, you’re doing 2016 wrong.

In a year that’s all about sustainable living, insects are the way forward. Long a favourite of the clever South and Central Americans, insects are super high in protein (the little […]

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