Noms By Naomi - Crobar Review and Double Chocolate Cookies

I was really interested to try Crobar by Gathr Foods, because they contain an ingredient I’d never tried before and is pretty alien to the food that we eat in the UK… it’s a particularly sustainable and ethical source of protein which the company calls “the tasty, nutritious and sustainable protein source of the future”. So don’t freak out when you hear that these bars contain CRICKET FLOUR. And scroll down for a bonus recipe using cricket flour!

Noms By Naomi - Crobar Review
The perfect library escapism fuel.

I’m usually pretty up for trying any kind of unusual food but was slightly apprehensive to try Crobar. But eating insects is actually surprisingly common in many human diets around the world – many cultures in Latin America, Africa and Asia eat insects regularly. What’s more, there are quite a few benefits to using crickets as opposed to other sources of protein:

  • Crickets require fewer resources to farm
  • They produce fewer harmful by-products
  • The protein and micro-nutrient composition of crickets is higher than one of our most common protein staples, beef. Crickets are also produced in a far more ‘natural’ way than whey protein, the most common protein used in traditional protein bars.
  • The crickets used in Crobars are fed a nutritious, organic diet of nuts, seeds and fruit. So you can be sure that you are eating an extremely high quality food.

Bearing all this in mind, these bars were definitely worth a try in my opinion, and I hope that you think so too! I personally think it extremely important to try and eat with the environment in mind as much as possible, whether that means eating seasonally, locally or being more mindful about meat consumption. Take a look at this article on the Forbes website if you need any more convincing that crickets are an extremely ethical and sustainable form of protein that we should be using more in the Western world!

The rest of the ingredients used in Crobars are very recognisable and similar to other bars on the market: e.g. nuts, dates, dried fruit and ‘superfoods’ such as cacao powder and goji berries. I was curious to see if I could tell that these bars contained cricket flour by the flavour or whether the flavour would be overpowered by the more familiar superfood flavours I am used to.

In the case of the peanut and cacao flavours, I did think that I could taste the crickets. On the Crobar website, the company writes that the flavour of the cricket flour is reminiscent of buckwheat flour and hazelnuts, which comes through in an aftertaste. It was not an unpleasant flavour, but it was definitely noticeable.

I was especially excited to try the raspberry, cacao and cricket flour flavour. Raspberry and cacao is one of the most divine flavour combinations in my opinion! This one certainly did not disappoint. I loved the slight crunch of the cacao nibs and the flavour of the raspberries came through very strongly. This certainly masked the aftertaste that I had tasted in the peanut and cacao bars. This was a really delicious snack, which helped me to power through plenty of reading for my university essay!

Finally, the coffee, vanilla and cricket flour flavour was also yummy! The coffee and vanilla flavours came through strongly and definitely overpowered any hint of cricket there might have been. Again, the perfect energy boost from the coffee for a mid-morning snack.

Overall, I was really intrigued and impressed with the concept of these bars. I would definitely buy the raspberry & cacao and coffee & vanilla flavours again, as they were deliciously tasty. The size of the bars is perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or pre-workout fuel. It is fantastic to know that the food you are eating is as natural as it gets, highly nutritious and rich in protein, and also ethically/sustainably produced. The fact that these bars are so easy to keep in your handbag as a snack on the go makes them perfect for any occasion. They are so useful for when I’m out and about, or when I don’t have the time to prepare my own snacks. As I’ve been getting into a great routine with the gym at university (I am trying to go 5-6x a week, doing a mixture of boot camp-style and weights classes), I often get hungry mid-afternoon. Crobar makes it easy and tasty to fuel myself with great nutrition when the hunger strikes!

The lovely people from Crobar also sent me some cricket flour to try in baking recipes, so I’ve got a bonus special recipe for you featuring cricket flour! The company recommends that you use cricket flour for about 10-15% of the flour that you are using in your recipe. I’ve gone for a double chocolate cookie recipe. Perfectly crunchy and a huge punch of flavour, and with all the cricket flour benefits!