Cycling Cuba: How to Prepare and What to Pack – by Galloparoundtheglobe

I visited Cuba as part of a two-week cycling tour I signed up to, with adventure travel company Explore.  As well as keeping you fit along the way, cycling is an amazing way of exploring a new country.  You can cover a lot more ground compared to hiking alone, yet you still feel 100% connected to your surroundings.     And despite what you may think, you don’t have to be an accomplished cyclist in order to complete (and enjoy) the physical challenges involved in a cycling tour.  I discovered this four years ago, when I cycled from Venice, Italy, to Poreç, in northern Croatia without any previous cycling experience, and again in Bolivia in 2014, when I mountain-biked down The World’s Most Dangerous Road, having never ridden a mountain [...]

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Crobar Review ¦ Fitness – by Scarletslippers

  Today's post incorporates two of my New Year's resolutions - becoming healthier/fitter and trying new foods. I am honestly one of the fussiest people when it comes to food - if it looks gross, then I won't be eating it. However, I've been trying lots of new foods and have 90% liked those that I've eaten. Protein bars are something I've never really delved into before, despite wanting to know what they taste like and if they work effectively. I am in no way a fitness expert but believe protein bars to be either a healthy snack or a fitness stimulant prior to exercise, helping to gain muscle. Recently, I've discovered Crobar - a brand that has created an obscure protein bar (containing cricket flour!) in which is more [...]

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I've always been a fan of handy 'snack' bars, my usual go-to's being Nakd and 9Bar. Isn't it great to be eating healthy foods that just taste so deliciously scrummy?! (Plus, they're also great for us gluten free folk!) The lovely Christine at Crobar sent me over some gorgeously-packaged snack bars to try and I'm so excited to share these with you! Not only are they free from all naughty things, they also contain cricket flour! Yep, from actual CRICKETS! Now I know some people won't warm to this idea straight away, but let me tell you a few things about the awesome stuff that is cricket flour. Insects contain more healthy fats than meat, and more protein, magnesium, zinc and iron than beef. They're also high in vitamin B12 which [...]

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Crobar / product review – by Beclassy

Healthy snacks are getting more and more popular, so I've Decided to try one myself. Crobar  is an energy bar made ​​out of Cricket Flour (yes, cricket flour is made ​​out of crickets), each bar contains Approximately 32 crickets from a Canadian farms, where they have an organic diet (how cool is that ?! :)). The founder of Crobar   is Christine Spliid , who was inspired by the Asian culture of eating insects and Decided That to bring back to Europe. That should be enough of background, let's move to the taste! I have tried two Crobar s: Cacao & Cricket Flour and Peanut & Cricket Flour.  My fav one was the Cacao one, I could Clearly taste cacao, the bar tasted like a cereal bar, but had a better consistency. [...]

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VIP Fitness: Cricket Flour Protein – by LivelikeaVIP

As a girl who usually works out five times a week, I’ve consumed my fair share of protein shakes. Strong is the new skinny and if you want long, lean muscles you need to repair them after you’ve hit the gym (or jogged for miles). Me before pregnancy! But did you know there’s now a new way to get protein into your system that’s a lot better for you – and the environment – than whey protein? I’ve recently been consuming Crobars, in which the protein source is from crickets.   From the photos above, you wouldn’t be able to tell that each bar contained 27 crickets would you? And yet they’re made using cricket flour, which is being billed as the next superfood. I’ve always been of the mentality [...]

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Yes I know, what the hell is Cricket Flour? Well the name says all really these Protein Bars are made using Crickets. CROBAR was founded by Christine Spliid, Christine moved from her home country of Denmark to London, she had travelled to more than 40 different countries and was fascinated by the number of people who ate insects in South East Asia on a daily basis. After learning the health benefits of eating insects,Christine wanted to explore more into introducing the delicacy back in the UK. Christine sent me these bars to try out and see what I thought of them. What Are The Benefits Of Eating Cricket Flour? High quality protein Animal sourced dietary protein is superior to that derived from plants. Unlike plants, animal protein contains all 9 [...]

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I have a special post for you today in collaboration with the amazing company ‘gather’. Gather make an amazingly unusual product and you won’t guess what their main ingredient is… Crickets.Sounds weird I know but just stay with me it will all make sense soon. So the crobar is a dried fruit,nut and seed bar with cricket flower. This bar comes in two flavours ‘peanut’ and ‘cacao’. Why crickets ?  Why crickets you may be wondering.Well crickets are higher in protein than beef and contains 3x more iron 5x more magnesium and double the amount of if you are looking for an amazing source of protein crobars are a great option. Did you know insects are less likely to infect humans with disease,that has to be good.insects are less likely [...]

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Product Review: Cricket Flour Energy Bars – by Health Fitness Life

Yes! You read right, real crickets are the high source of protein ingredient in this range of healthy energy bars, that is creating a demand for cricket flour based products that is now being deemed to be 'the new protein powder'. A company called Crobar has taken full advantage of the protein packed insects and created a range of high energy bars. I've been sent two of their flavours to test out and i'll be letting you know how they taste and if they have left me chirping for more. Yes that was a cricket joke... (I know)   About the company: Winner of the best new food concept award at the World Food Innovation Awards 2016 is fronted by Christine Spliid, who has come up with these brilliant high [...]

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Crobar by Gathr – by Pjaesthetics

So…. this week I got to try the Crobar ! This is a new unique snack bar on the market…with the main difference it’s made using cricket flour! Yes….that’s right real insects! As I orginally was… i’m expecting a few of you to be put off when you learn it contains cricket powder, so here’s why Gathr use insects! “INSECTS CONTAIN MORE HEALTHY FATS THAN MEAT, AND ACCORDING TO THE UN COULD HELP SLOW DOWN THE WORLDWIDE OBESITY EPIDEMIC. IF WE CAN GET INSECT PRODUCTION UP TO A LARGE SCALE, THEY WOULD BE CHEAPER TO PRODUCE THAN MEAT, AND PEOPLE FROM LOW- MIDDLE INCOME FAMILIES WOULD FURTHERMORE HAVE ACCESS TO AN ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN SOURCE.”  So! They come in two different flavour combinations, Peanut and Cricket Flour and Cacao & Cricket Flour. The crickets [...]

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Cricket Flour Energy Bar?! – by Heather Maisie

So a couple of days ago the lovely Christine from Gathrfoods sent me her new energy bar 'Crobar', and yes you read correctly, made from cricket flour! As in actual crickets. At first I did think it was a bit weird, eating insects and all, so I went over to her website to read all about it and have come back feeling highly educated. The cricket flour not only benefits you but also this little planet of ours, these crickets in fact have sooo much protein, iron, and vitamin B12 in which are all so great for you. It is also gluten, soy and dairy free! I received both the Peanut & Cricket Flour bar and the Cacao & Cricket Flour bar. I first tried the Cacao & Cricket Flour bar (hence why [...]

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REVIEW: CROBAR* – by Countercultural

Back in December, during an unusually productive period I think they call the Christmas holidays, I discovered an incredible opportunity. So I applied. After all, what is a blogger to do when faced with a great opportunity? And guess what! I was accepted to review the latest addition to the free-from health food section, Crobars! So what exactly is a Crobar? It's very similar to most other gluten-free nut and fruit bars, made with cashews, dried fruit and seeds. Oh and one extra ingredient, cricket flour. Hang on a moment! Cricket Flour? Yep, you read that right. 6% of a cacao-flavoured Crobar is cricket flour. So what is cricket flour? Basically it is a ground powder made from roasted whole crickets. I know, it sounds really appetising.  However, when you [...]

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CRICKET FLOUR ENERGY BAR -PRODUCT REVIEW If you are not aware, bugs are very nutritious, don’t believe me ask Bear Grylls. Now don’t all rush to your gardens and start rummaging through the dirt for a tasty snack. Absolutely no one would recommend that. I’m sure most reading this shall agree that the idea of taking a bite out of a bug does not sound appealing, actually the thought makes me gag. However, what you can do it cook them and turn the bugs into flour and eat them like that, which I am much more likely to try. In fact, that’s exactly what I did, I tried it. Yup I can now technically say I have eaten crickets. Specifically, I ate cricket Flour Energy Bars named Crobar. According to the package [...]

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