CROBAR ENERGY BARS – by Romanovs Views

As most of you may already know, I live a gluten free lifestyle and finding things such as protein bars can be incredibly difficult/. I mean trying to combine something that tastes nice as well as being healthy for you is quite difficult for us Coeliacs. I was given the opportunity to sample these energy bars and must say when I first read that they are made of cricket flour, I thought ugh... Crickets?? I must confess I have never found any energy bars that I absolutely love and this is no exception to that, however it is a lot more bearable than most others I've tried. Crobar by Gathr are an upcoming new natural energy bar, that are completely gluten, soy and dairy free. The main ingredients are cricket [...]

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The Crobar ||| UK’S First Cricket Flour Energy Bar – by That’s Alli Style

I was kindly sent one cacao & cricket flour and one peanut & cricket flour bar by Christine from Gathr Foods. They are far from the ordinary health food bars. These are high protein energy bars which contain cricket powder. Each bar consisting of 32 crickets (6% of the whole bar) and other natural ingredients depending on the flavour. Now for the facts. There are benefits to eating crickets (insects) believe it or not! Crickets are an natural source of protein, iron , containing B vitamins, omega-3, vital amino acids and supplies dietary fibre. Another good thing about these bars is that they are also gluten, dairy, grain, GMO and soy free. Insects have little chances of passing on diseases to humans like mad cow disease and the H1N1 as [...]

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I am so guilty of snacking on the go. I just get hungry all the time and then I usually end up picking up some kind of chocolate, muesli or energy bar. Unfortunately, I can´t eat anything with chocolate anymore due to a recently developed dairy intolerance. All of a sudden I´ve got nothing to snack on anymore. So when the lovely Christine from Gathrfoods asked me if I´d like to try out her (dairy-free) Crobar* I didn´t have to think twice about it. Crobar* is a healthy and nutritious energy bar made from cricket flour. As soon as I read "cricket flour" I was intrigued. Insects like crickets are especially high in protein and contain vital micronutrients. In asian countries they are eaten on a daily basis already. I´ve [...]

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Hi Loves I have another lifestyle post for you today. Lately I’ve been really focusing on being a lot more healthier than I have been over the past year or so. I’ve felt my weight creeping up and overall I haven’t been eating as well as I used to. Last week I made a change, I went to the gym 4 times and have been eating more fruit and veg. The hardest thing to control is the snacking in between meals. I first came across the Crobar by Gathr Foods at The Blogger Hangout LFW event. When I saw the word ‘crickets’ I had to re- read it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I’m not the type to try unusual foods, I tend to stick to what I know [...]

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CROBAR NATURAL ENERGY BARS – by Crackednailsandsplitends

Crobar is the first natural energy and protein bar to hit the UK market to be made from cricket flour. Yes, you did read that correctly, we are talking about insects. The crickets are used as one of the main ingredients as they offer a healthy protein, the crickets are ground into a fine flour and mixed in with nuts and cocoa etc. Available in 2 flavours; Cacao & Chia and Peanut Crunch.   A health-conscious energy bar with a difference, but tastes quite nice.  You can't taste the crickets - although I have no idea what a cricket would taste like, but what I mean is, it tastes normal - if that is the right word to use?  I was nervous trying it at first, I really didn't know what [...]

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Admittedly eating crickets isnt something common unless you are on a game show ....or are a lizard. If you are a lizard and are somehow reading this then i guess you already know the benefits.....but for those of the less scaley kind i will explain! As you may know from my previous posts and most probably my twitter :') i attended the blogger hangout LFW event and that is where i discovered CROBAR. Aside from the crickets which catch your attention i also think the packaging has been well thought out. It is really pleasing and fresh and the actual packet seems to keep the bar really fresh inside. So lets talk a little more about crickets are why you should eat them. The bars - ✓ Protein Packed ✓ [...]

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Have you ever considered the future of food on this planet? In the UK, we are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of western diets and in particular, high meat consumption. The UK is stereotypically known for its diet of 'meat and two veg', and it appears that a greater percentage of the planet's population is converting to a similar diet, requiring higher levels of meat production worldwide. Scientists are therefore not only questioning whether the planet can sustain this growth of meat and crop farming, but also how demand for protein can be sustainably met in the future. As livestock farming increases, so too does the demand for crops for feed, requiring larger expanses of land to be utilised in food production. Due to the nature of livestock [...]

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Crobar | An Alternative Source Of Protein – by Martha Jane

When the lovely Christine from Gathrfoods contacted me about trying her gluten-free and dairy-free energy bars, I was really excited. After all, you know I love my health bars. Christine was kind enough to send me two cacao bars and two peanut bars to sample. Sounds great, right? Well, there's just one catch: each bar contains about 32 crickets, which are an alternative source of protein! However, don't be alarmed. Grab a cup of tea, and I'll tell you exactly why I think eating crickets is an ingenious idea. Introducing Crobar*!   WHY EAT CRICKETS? The idea of eating crickets is a little stomach-turning, I know, and if Christine had offered me a bag of whole crickets to try, I might not have been so enamoured with the idea. However, [...]

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Crickets and Coconuts I ate crickets this week. In theory I like the idea of eating crickets. They have all 9 essential amino acids, lots of iron, 10g has daily dose of vitamin B12, they have omega 3&6 ratio of 1:2.2 (which is a good thing) and they’re farmed without any use of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and their farming burdens the environment very little. Now in reality – we’re talking about eating CRICKETS (!*&%£$!) and even though the Crobars I ate have only 6% cricket in them and it’s all ground up to fine powder, I’m still just a little grossed out.  I’m sure all the crunch I could feel was from chia seeds and nuts but my brain for some reason gave me visuals of cricket legs in between [...]

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  CROBAR cricket protein bar is a healthy nutritious bar really similar to Nakd Bars expect for one big fact and that's that CROBAR* is made with cricket flour, yes you read that right, cricket flour. I'll admit at first I was pretty sceptical about them and also pretty scared to try it, it take take me a solid 10 minutes before putting one in my mouth to try because I was so scared! I mean it's cricket flour! I'm so glad that I did actually try them though because they do taste really nice, there's two flavours being Cacao andPeanut and I so prefer the Peanut ones, it could be because I'm obsessed with anything that tastes like peanuts but neither the less it tastes yummy. Not only does CROBAR* tastes nice [...]

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Part of my January detoxing has meant I have had to find some new, healthy snacks to replace my usual diet of chocolate, crisps and Ben & Jerry's. I came across Crobars cricket flour energy bars when looking at the different opportunities on Bloggers Hangout, and thought they looked really interesting. Crobar Cricket Flour Energy Bars are made from cricket flour - a much healthier alternative to plain flour. It's benefits of insects include they are less likely to infect humans with diseases, they contain more healthy fats than meats, they're high in protein, they have high levels of Vitamin B12 and they are sustainable and help the environment. Crobar, from Gathrfoods, come in two different flavours - Peanut and Cricket Flour and Cocoa and Cricket Flour. At first I was [...]

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The future of snacking – Crobar – by Bonnie Wonderland

My final week of work before Christmas was jam packed with fun & birthday celebrations (yay birthday week). One such plan was to go to the blogger hangout Christmas food fare, however after stomping up & down commercial road, severely bruising my pride – I’m a bit of a direction whizz kid, usually – we gave up on finding it and made our way home. One brand I was particularly interested in & disappointed that I couldn’t get to meet was gathr foods with their crobars. Crobars are a healthy dairy and gluten free snack bar. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another healthy snack bar with a snappy name. You’d be ever so wrong. They’re made with cricket flour, stick with me for a minute! Yep, you read [...]

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