Recently, the lovely Christine from Gathr foods sent me over some of her  'Crobar' protein bars made with cricket flour. What was that? cricket flour? okay I was pretty surprised by this too, but let me explain.. Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea about the benefits of eating crickets (never thought I'd say that) and how good they are not only for you, but for the planet. Crickets contain twice as much as iron as spinach, are a high quality protein AND contain half the amount of fat than beef. These bars are actually the first energy bar in the UK made with cricket flour which I thought was pretty impressive. I was sent both the peanut and cricket flour bar as well as the cacao and [...]

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Food Of The Future…It’s The Crobar! – by Rosie Burr

Wow! what can I say, if you told me I was ever going to be enjoying tucking into an insect bar I think you would very surprised and to be honest I think I would have been too! I couldn’t pass by on the opportunity to try these unusual bars from Christine Spliid from Crobar especially as they are packed with so many nutrients, have no added sugar, are gluten and diary free and of course high in protein and full of antioxidants! Food of the future! I am pretty sure they are going to be the direction food goes in the future. I read an article just yesterday saying that if everyone in the world ate the diet of us Brits in UK, we would need at least 3 [...]

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Would you try Cricket Protein? – by Ashleighs Fit Kitchen

CROBAR is a revolutionary snack bar made from protein-rich cricket flour (cricket protein) ✓ Protein Packed ✓ Gluten-free ✓ Dairy-free ✓ Soy-free ✓ Paleo-friendly ✓ No added sugar   Christine Spliid started CROBAR as an idea which combined her passion for endurance running, healthy food, travelling and sometimes, the unconventional. She has travelled to more than 40 countries and was fascinated by the number of people (especially in South East Asia) who eat insects on a daily basis. It is argued that our current levels of meat production are unsustainable, and we need to seriously look at other food and protein sources, such as cricket protein. Farming insects is much more sustainable than farming cattle and chicken, requiring far less water, land and CO2 emissions. By making crickets into flour, hence cricket protein, it is said to become [...]

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Insect Protein by Crobar – by Tonight We Are Dinosaurs

A while ago I watched a youtube video by BuzzFeed all about taste testing food of the future. One of them in particular caught my eye, insect protein. Roasted crickets ground down in a powder to be used as a flour in things such as pancakes. So I jumped* at the idea when I was offered four insect protein bars from Christine Spliid from Crobar, two peanut flavour and two cacao.   Crobar is a new type of energy/ cereal type bar using insect protein for protein and are completely soy/ dairy and gluten free with no added sugar.I have to be honest, at first I may have balked at the idea of eating crickets. But then I thought "What Would Spock Do? Spock would eat them, Spock would find not [...]

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  When the Christmas Food Fest invite from The Bloggers Hangout arrived in my inbox, I didn't give it a second thought before sending my RSVP. You only have to see my excitement walking past a supermarket sample stand to know that if there is free food, I will be there. Greediness aside, it was also an exciting opportunity to discover some new brands and have a chat with like minded people about my favourite topic of all - food. There were lots of new products to try out, and I decided to jump in at the deep end by trying out a Crobar protein bar made from crickets. Yes, crickets. I wasn't too keen on the idea but curiosity got the better of me, and it was actually pretty [...]

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Every tried a protein bar made of crickets? – by David Cobbald explains at OMQ Magazine

Crobar is the new protein bar from Gathr Foods, with one notable difference in the ingredients list – cricket flour. Dried insects are made of around 60-70% protein and are very low in carbs – and, as you know, there are millions of them all over the planet. Insect protein has already become a $20 million industry in the USA alone. Crickets are roasted into flour that can be used to make a wide variety of foods, and the whole process is super sustainable. (Yes, it’s a bit weird, but if you can get past that there might be something in this.) Launched in June 2015 by Christine Splidd, Crobars are high in protein and low in environmental impact. Christine says: ‘The idea came because I noticed the trend of incorporating insects in food in other countries [...]

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Edible Bugs, Birch Water and Seaweed – by Sean Davey

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a blog on “15 for 2015” food & drinks trends. The final, slightly tongue-in-cheek prediction was that with more adventurous tastes and the rise in demand for alternate proteins we should expect the idea of edible bugs on our menu in the next few years. For a long time edible bugs have been a bit of fun, but my sense from Food Matters Live 2015 was that people might be surprised how soon insect-protein products might start appearing on our shelves. It was fun to meet and chat to start-up brand Crobar with their cricket-flour bars, but also fascinating to hear from chefs and food developers how they are experimenting with cricket and insect based protein. The key understanding these early adopters have [...]

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Crobar Review – Cave Food Kitchen on Edible Bugs

Insects are the new cattle, and whether you like it or not, most possibly our future in sustainable protein consumption. For us Westerners, edible bugs is pretty much unthinkable, although escargots come pretty close. However, entomophagy, as it's officially called, is very common in other parts of the world. In fact, edible bugs are part of everyday life in about 80% of the world's nations. With our ever growing population, growing livestock such as cows, pigs, etc. is extremely polluting and it's only getting worse. Growing insect and producing edible bugs is 10 times less polluting and the return is much higher and cost effective. Products containing insects are emerging more and more, and protein bars are becoming quite popular. Crobar Crobar ran a successful Kickstarter project earlier in 2015, and [...]

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It’s A Bug Based Snack – Helen from NYNHB on Edible Insects

Much excitement in Not Normal Towers this week when the Postman arrived as one of the packages he was a carrying contained samples of Crobar – aka the first product for sale in the UK made from…….drumroll……cricket flour. Yes that’s right, our first bug bar made with edible insects has arrived. Let the insect eating revolution begin. I would however defy you to tell this by looking at it out of the packet. It looks like every other clean eating and paleo bar out there. There’s no stray wings, no lurking legs, not even a stray antenna to act like dental floss. The reason is that it’s not made from whole edible insects but a finely milled cricket flour mixed with things like peanuts, dates, sultanas, sunflower seeds, goji berries [...]

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Cricket Protein Bars With A Difference – by Primalpiggy

I love trying new things, so I was excited when Christine Spliid from Crobar contacted me to try her cricket protein bars! So what makes these bar so unique? Well, they are in fact made from crickets, yes crickets!! The bars are the first ever natural cricket protein bar available on this side of the water to be made from cricket flour. Why eat insects? Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach and high levels of B12. Omit 80 times less CO2, and require significantly less water than cattle rearing. High in natural protein, as high as beef. They also contain 9 essential amino acids making them a complete source of protein. Less food waste, people eat crickets whole. Extremely sustainable. As you can see there are great reasons to include crickets in [...]

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Crobar’s made with cricket powder – by Myriam from Pink Ankle Weights

Per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules (see useful FAQ on the topic here), I wish to disclose that this post was written in collaboration with Crobar, who has sent me some of the products I write about for free. Opinions are my own.  A few weeks ago, I got an email from an entrepreneur who recently launched a brand of energy bars made with… (wait for it!) cricket powder, made of blended dried crickets! I already knew that crickets and insects in general are very high in protein and other nutrients, and I am not grossed out by the idea of eating bugs, so when she proposed to send me a few samples of her cricket powder products, I was happy to give it a try! The two bars Crobar sent me!Why [...]

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Could You Snack on a Bar Made From Crickets? – by Jo Romero

I’m less squeamish than I used to be - I mean, now I can cook liver and chop up the odd kidney for a stew, at least. But there are some things I said I’d never eat. Like insects. Yep, I can’t watch the Bush Tucker challenge on I’m A Celebrity unless I’m peeking out, safely, from behind a cushion. So you can imagine my joy when a couple of protein bars made from crickets ended up on my kitchen worktop. YAY. The thing is, elsewhere in the world, eating insects is really no big deal. In South East Asia they fry up crickets along with grasshoppers, beetles and cockroaches and sell them at market stalls. And apparently they’re good for us, too. High in protein and a good source [...]

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