CROBAR Gluten- Free Protein Bars: THE TASTE TEST – by Alice Courtauld

It’s not everyday that a medical intolerance can spark a dieting craze that will sweep over western countries however this is the case with a Gluten Free diet. Even some companies such as Pizza Express and Dominoes now offer a gluten free pizza for example, even though the companies warn that true celiac suffers should still remain cautious. I found that also that a lot of people jump on this bandwagon blindly, without understanding its true benefits! It is these mental & physical health advantages that I shall be documenting over the course of my next blog uploads but today I will be reviewing, arguably the most important thing, the taste of the gluten- free protein bar CROBAR. Although a Gluten free diet has become increasingly popular with people becoming more aware of what [...]

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Review on Insect Protein Bars by Phat Cupcake

When it comes to eating healthily I have to say I really struggle with breakfast. I really do prefer that extra half an hour in bed to getting up and prepping something nutritious for breakfast. Yes I know it is the most important meal of the day, yes I know it will set me up for the day in the right way, I’m just lazy. So I regular blitz up a protein shake or chuck some berries in yogurt and have that, recently I’ve been trying insect protein bars, and they’re a little different. Crobar insect protein bars have 19% protein per bar, contain no gluten, dairy or added sugar. And they are made with cricket flour, yep you read that right, cricket flour. Now I have to admit I am [...]

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CROBAR Paleo Bars Review – By Georgina Young

Here at Primal Eye Magazine we were lucky enough to receive a few of the new Paleo bars ‘CROBAR’ to review from the lovely founder CROBAR herself – Christine Spliid. CROBAR is the first ever natural Paleo bar available on the UK health market to be made from cricket flour. The bars weigh in at 40g and are available in 2 flavours; Cacao & Chia and Peanut Crunch. For obvious reasons I will only be reviewing the Cacao & Chia bar. When you think of the Paleo diet you most likely think – “meat”; the imagery that crops up is of that of a burly neanderthal wearing a strategically placed loin cloth, chowing down on a nice chunky piece of raw animal carcass. This imagery could not be farther from the truth. [...]

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So after much studying and dieting I finally found a way of really getting rid of those extra pounds, gaining the muscle and making huge improvements in my fitness all at the same time. So your out on a long Run/Ride and you need to fuel, yes fueling is very important on rides, it can make or break a race. So what do you use… energy bars? Fruit? Sweets? yeah they all work as good fuel but is it doing your training good? The Carbs will fuel your but these products don’t have much protein to repair your muscles. I also found to much of these foods upset my stomach, and you don’t want that on a long ride. So I came up with a great Idea… is there a [...]

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Review: Crobar Protein Bars – By Gin Fuelled Bluestocking

Training for the Great North Run is continuing. I finally hit 16km this weekend, so I’m not doing too badly. It still takes a day or so for my back to settle down again, but that’s a massive improvement on the week or so it was taking back in February and aside from an occasional whinge, my calf has been absolutely fine. Hurrah for stretching, squats and weights work. With six weeks to go, I’m not quite where I’d like to be, but I’m positive. I know I could do it now, but I’m glad I’ve a little longer to prepare. It also means that the weight is slowly coming down, though with the longer distances in my running week (I’m running 3-4 times a week) I’ve had to ditch the [...]

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Review by Edible Insect Network

Imagine a tasty, natural, filling energy bar that contains Superfoods and is so packed full of goodness that it could be used as a supplement for sports or as a guilt free filling snack.Well you don’t have to use your imagination any longer because such a product exists right here in the UK CROBAR is a natural energy bar which contains flour made from crickets and zero added sugar or preservatives. Previous posts have informed of the health benefits to eating insects so I don’t think I need to say too more about that but with their high protein & iron content and efficient energy conversion they make the perfect ingredient for an energy bar. Founder of CROBAR and fitness fanatic Christine Spliid was dissatisfied with current protein bars using [...]

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Review by Buglady

Christine Spliid er iværksætter og lige på nippet til at lancere en proteinbar beriget med fårekyllingemel. Fordelen ved at bruge insekter i proteinbarerne er, at insekter er animalsk protein. Og animalsk protein er den type protein, kroppen har nemmest ved at optage, i modsætning til f.eks. planteprotein. Udover at være rige på proteiner (69,1%), er fårekyllinger også rige på essentielle aminosyrer, umættet fedt, vitaminer og mineraler. Kort sagt, fårekyllinger er ren superfood og dermed meget velegnede som ingrediens i proteinbarer. Christines proteinbar er i øvrigt udelukkende baseret på naturlige ingredienser som nødder og dadler, og indeholder intet sukker. Fårekyllingerne er blevet fodret med økologisk frugt og grønt, og har derfor en let nøddeagtig smag, som passer fint til resten af ingredienserne. Der er altså tale om en bar, der ikke [...]

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