Why eat crickets?


  • High quality protein
    Animal sourced dietary protein is superior to that derived from plants. Unlike plants, animal protein contains all 9 essential amino acids

  • Iron
    Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach

  • Vitamin B12
    10 g crickets contain your daily dose of Vitamin B12

  • Fat
    Crickets contain half the amount of fat than beef

  • Omega 3 & 6 ratio
    Crickets have an omega 3 & 6 ratio of 1:2.2, which is better than that of hemp, soy and whey


  • Efficient use of animal feed
    Up to 80 % of a cricket is digestible compared with 40 % for cattle. This efficiency leads to less usage of pesticides on animal feed, thus providing additional environmental, health and economic incentives
  • Less food waste
    Reducing environmental contamination, while adding value to waste

  • Less air and water pollution
    Emit 80 times less CO2, and require significantly less water than cattle rearing

  • Better animal welfare
    Crickets lack the neurological structures which make humans and other animals feel pain. They are farmed using no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides

  • Lower risk of diseases
    Crickets are biologically more separated from humans than vertebrate livestock, so the risk of an insect viral pathogen or parasite jumping to humans is exceedingly low

What do people think?

Georgina Young
Georgina YoungFounder & editor of the UK's 1st online Paleo magazine Primal Eye

What first attracted me to eating insects was the concept of being able to eat something that is sustainable yet nutrient rich, but was also compact enough to take on a run, AND didn’t contain your conventional whey powder. Crobar just instantly ticked all of those boxes for me. It’s packed full of all of my favourite superfoods; cacao, goji, and chia – all of which supply me with an antioxidant, fibre, and omega-3 rich energy boost.

Jürgen Vogel
Jürgen VogelUnternehmer & Berater in Trend Foods, Switzerland

Wenn neue Trends und Zutaten auf den Markt kommen ist es möglich Ihren Erfolg zu prognostizieren wenn die Produkte mehrere Trends in sich verbinden.Die Crobars schmecken nicht nur hervorragend und sind modern verpackt, sondern sie verwenden auch für uns neue Insekten-Proteine die Eiweiß liefern, die sie mit der Paleo-Diät verbinden und die aus einer nachhaltigen Quelle kommen. Einfach klasse und empfehlenswert.

Anna Farthing
Anna FarthingLifestyle Blogger & Avon Representative, United Kingdom

Trying Crobar was a surprisingly delicious experience, the Cocoa and Cricket flour energy bar was my favourite of the two. I have to admit I had never heard of cricket flour before, and I can understand that people may seem put off of the idea, but don’t be as it is always interesting to open your mind and taste buds to new experiences, especially when they have such amazing nutritional benefits. I couldn’t actually detect the flavour of crickets, not that I would know what they taste like.

Lone Knold
Lone KnoldTeacher at Holstebro Technical High School, Denmark

I forbindelse med et projekt omkring fremtidens fødevarer på HTX i Holstebro, smagte jeg på Crobar’s. Jeg var vild med smagen, men især er jeg vild med tanken bag Crobar’s. At bruge fårekyllinger som proteinkilde er et godt alternativ til traditionelle proteinkilder. Bæredygtigt pga. højt udbytte/konsumeret kg foder og vand, minimal forurening og der kan produceres mange kg på få uger.

Crickets vs. Cattle

Pound of feed needed to produce 1 lb of meat

0 lb
0 lb

Difference in CO2 emissions

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Liter water needed to produce 1 lb of meat

0 liter
0 liter

Nutrition in 100 calories

0g protein
0g fat
0g protein
0g fat
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About Me

I’m Christine Spliid, originally from Denmark but now based in London. CROBAR cricket flour energy bars started as an idea which combines my passion for endurance running, healthy food, travelling and sometimes, the unconventional.

I have travelled to more than 40 countries, and was fascinated with the number of people in especially South East Asia, who eat insects on a daily basis. Many of the insects look similar to shrimps, so it did seem strange that eating insects is almost unheard of in the West. Learning about the health benefits let me to explore the idea of introducing insects back at home, and having studied Psychology & Business at Warwick University, I was immediately fascinated with the challenge of changing people’s perceptions and attitudes towards eating insects.

The result: UK’s first cricket flour energy bars, which I named Crobar; ‘Cr’ for crickets, ‘cro’ rhyming with pro for protein, and the association with the tool crowbar.

It is indisputable that current meat production is unsustainable, and we need to seriously look at other food and protein sources. Farming insects is much more sustainable than farming cattle and chicken, and there is no rational reason why we don’t already eat insects in the West.

By making the crickets into flour, it becomes an extremely versatile ingredient, which can be used not just in cricket flour energy bars, but in so many recipes. There are more than 2000 edible insect species available, and the kind of food products that could incorporate insect flour is only limited by your imagination.

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