So a couple of days ago the lovely Christine from Gathrfoods sent me her new energy bar ‘Crobar‘, and yes you read correctly, made from cricket flour! As in actual crickets.

At first I did think it was a bit weird, eating insects and all, so I went over to her website to read all about it and have come back feeling highly educated. The cricket flour not only benefits you but also this little planet of ours, these crickets in fact have sooo much protein, iron, and vitamin B12 in which are all so great for you. It is also gluten, soy and dairy free!

I received both the Peanut & Cricket Flour bar and the Cacao & Cricket Flour bar.

I first tried the Cacao & Cricket Flour bar (hence why there is a bite taken out, I got excited to try it) and from first thoughts I thought that it tasted of Christmas pudding?? I think that the consistency is similar to that but in bar form. In this bar there is cashews, sunflower seeds, sultanas, dates, chia seeds, cricket flour, cacao powder, goji berries and cacao nibs. I can definitely taste the sultanas and dates straight away then the cacao flavour kicks in even though it isn’t really sweet. Although I love this bar, I think that the flavour is strong, and if you don’t really like strong flavours or maybe a bit bitter flavours, I wouldn’t go for this. I personally do love this though!

I then tried the Peanut & Cricket Flour bar and I think I actually prefer this one. It includes peanuts, sultanas, dates, sunflower seeds and cricket flour. The consistency is basically the same but this one is a lot sweeter, the peanut flavour definitely stands out. I think this one is more flavoursome than the other one but probably only because the peanut is quite noticeable, I think that if you like peanuts or even peanut butter you will definitely like this.

Overall I think that both of these are really tasty, though I do prefer the peanut bar, and the idea of the cricket flour is brilliant, I would for sure consider buying some more as they do taste good and are also healthy for us and the planet. If you want to be educated too click here to see Christine’s website.
Thank you for reading and thank you to Christine 🙂
Heather x