– Reasons To Get Excited In 2016 – Insects on the Menu

January 7th, 2016|




How to solve a problem like population? Mealworms.

With the citizenship of Earth on track to hit nine billion by 2050, one of the many problems facing mankind – alongside where everyone will live and whether Netflix’s servers can cope with all of humanity watching House of Cards at the same time – is what we’re having for tea.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation reckons edible insects are the key to survival and, given that a certain amount of creepy crawlies are already present in things like curry powder, canned fruit juice and beer (yes, really), turns out cricket biscuits might not be half bad after all. With Grub Kitchen, Britain’s first insect café, opening late last year, and new protein bars (Crobar, Chapul and Exo) full of cricket protein, expect a swarm of bug-based cuisine to follow.