Admittedly eating crickets isnt something common unless you are on a game show ….or are a lizard. If you are a lizard and are somehow reading this then i guess you already know the benefits…..but for those of the less scaley kind i will explain! As you may know from my previous posts and most probably my twitter :’) i attended the blogger hangout LFW event and that is where i discovered CROBAR.


Aside from the crickets which catch your attention i also think the packaging has been well thought out. It is really pleasing and fresh and the actual packet seems to keep the bar really fresh inside. So lets talk a little more about crickets are why you should eat them.

The bars –

✓ Protein Packed
✓ Gluten-Free

✓ Soy-Free
✓ Paleo-Friendly

✓ Dairy-Free
✓ No added sugar


You would think with no sugar it might taste like a wet sock but you are wrong, the taste actually reminds me of dark chocolate and dried fruit with a similar texture to christmas pudding!! haha, bizarre right. I myself, will give anything a taste cos if you dont taste something how will you know if you like it or not?? Now im not saying i am in love with the taste but it is a lot more bearable than some health bars i have tasted.


The fact it is full of protein and has so many benefits really spurs me on to eat the bar.

It is not something you have to eat everyday, i think even you start with once a week or every 2 weeks you could end up eating them more often.

This is why they are good for you :

High quality protein
Animal sourced dietary protein is superior to that derived from plants. Unlike plants, animal protein contains all 9 essential amino acids

Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach

 (yay to no spinach) lol im kidding i love spinach but
yay for all you spinach haters!

Vitamin B12
10 g crickets contain your daily dose of Vitamin B12

Crickets contain half the amount of fat than beef

Omega 3 & 6 ratio
Crickets have an omega 3 & 6 ratio of 1:2.2, which is better than that of hemp, soy and whey

If you do not like the taste or texture of the bars you can also buy cricket powder to add to your own recipies like pancakes! check it out here  



Have i changed your mind and persauded you to eat crickets?? I know you looked at the title and thought i was mad to even suggest eating crickets, but its all for your health 😉 so swap a chocolate bar for a cricket bar and dont feel the guilt of eating something you shouldnt!